Northern Oahe Series Point Leaders

Last update Received: 7/16/2021, 3:32 pm

  1. Josh Olson, Monte Olson: 399 points
  2. Brent Reiley, Cory Sandmeier: 399 points
  3. Cody Stoner, Dustin Otto: 398 points
  4. Eric Flemmer, Tom Flemmer, Josh Arnbrister: 396 points
  5. Sam Domke, Tanner Binger, Jordan Michlitsch: 200 points
  6. Collin Heupel, Jordan Heupel,Jeff Heupel: 199 points
  7. Nate Neddo, Jim Neddo, Gunner Nedo: 199 points
  8. Bobby Simon, Kevin Lawrence, Trey Phillips: 198 points
  9. Toby Mauck, Kent Mauck, Josh Helm: 197 points
  10. Blake Anderson, Taylor Anderson: 197 Points
  11. Chad Roesler, Phillip Phelps, Eric Martinmaas: 196 Points
  12. Roger Jannsen, Tony Jannsen, Jim Jannsen: 196 Points
  13. Robby Townley, Gavin Townley, Tucker Pankowski: no points
  14. Dennis Foster, Alex Worlie, Tim Lefforge: no points
  15. Travis Rude, Nick Rude, Nathan Rude: no points
  16. Steven Senyak, Alex Senyak, Mike Senyak: no points
  17. Bubba Graham, Jess Schilling, Hunter Graham: no points

In order to get qualifying points teams must finish in the top 25 places of the qualifying tournaments.